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Pictures from amber from the producer

The manufacture of picture from amber is not simple, and the organization of the process can take more than one year. Before proceeding to the manufacture of paintings from amber, our company, first of all, carefully selects the staff: managers, artists, jewelers, manufacturers, wholesale suppliers. Thanks to all the employees, we can offer paintings with amber inexpensively, at wholesale pricesBut the quality of the picture or icon from amber depends not only on the specialist who is engaged in production, but also on the raw materials.

Where to buy paintings with amber cheap

Our company Ukryantar offers you to buy paintings with amber at inexpensive wholesale prices from the manufacturer, only from real, high-quality amber.
Material preparation is a whole process: sorting, grinding, polishing, etc., because for us the main thing is aesthetics and the quality of our product. Incorrectly processed material will have an unsightly appearance, and will lower the rating of the finished product. When choosing a product must take into account the color of the stone. It may not only have the usual shade. "Tears of the Sea" (as poets have sung the beauty) are of different tones. Sometimes their structure is so variegated that it is difficult to catch the yellow gamut. The internal, not hand-made drawing, created by the Creator, gives an amazing space for creative artists. The attentive human eye will examine the beautiful world of the past in the air bubbles, ancient vegetation and even insects depicted. Unique painters, which were not easy to find a few decades ago, allow us to embody the fantasies on canvas by our artists. Of great importance for the establishment of the production of paintings from amber has the skill of the artist. It is more profitable to buy paintings from amber crumb from the manufacturer in Rovno, because our region has long been famous for its rich amber deposit. The works of our masters became popular not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. The ability to feel the color, pick up materials and genres of art - the main distinguishing features of domestic virtuosos. Considering the unusual properties of the solar stone, our company produces paintings of amber wholesale and retail, created a whole infrastructure that allows a person to get a picture with absolutely any financial position. In spite of the fact that these products are created only manually, today it is really possible to buy several paintings from amber from the manufacturer in Rivne in the shortest possible time.

Wholesale amber paintings

Currently, our company does not hide the basic technology for the manufacture of paintings from amber in Rivne, demonstrating teaching workshops in Kiev. However, everyone has their own secrets and an individual approach to the application. In a strange way, the same materials in the hands of the master turn into works of art, strikingly differ from each other. It is impossible to create several identical products. Only a machine can reproduce identical drawings, the human hand always creates something new, because only true connoisseurs of beauty prefer painting when each line repeats the “movement” of the human heart. Prices for paintings from amber in Rovno from the manufacturer Ukryantar vary depending on the size, technique and frame.