Still Life with amber

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Natural Amber Still Life

Still lifes as an independent art form have been recognized since the beginning of the twentieth century and, despite their history, have not lost their relevance in the modern world. Despite the fact that a still life means a depiction in the fine arts of inanimate objects, it is natural amber that brings this type of canvas vibrance and originality. Especially popular among owners of country villas, gardens or lovers of indoor plants, since it is magnificent flowers, fruits, kitchen utensils that serve as the plot for future paintings. Amber still lifes are ideal as a wedding gift, radiating goodness, testifying to earthly gifts and our addictions. Amber paintings are so true that in the soul you struggle with the desire to touch its surface and pick up an apple, or another fruit or object.

Amber chips and stone paintings

The credibility of the image in the picture is provided by a rich palette of tones of stone and chips, it is their successful combination and professionalism of the master that provide a special charm to the plot. Any of the amber still lifes will bring peace, create harmony and prove to be a true decoration in any room. The flower arrangements are so delightful, so real that it seems that the flowers were put in a vase, just plucked. All presented canvases are made of both amber chips and natural solid amber stone. Literally everything is in a beautiful decent frame that gives them a special charm. Given that amber is also characterized by its healing qualities, accordingly, in addition to beautiful views, you will also be provided with constant positive energy. It’s not at all difficult to buy paintings from amber chips and stones, in our store there is a huge selection of amber landscapes, panels, icons and still lifes, and they all accurately convey all the subtleties of images of seafood, land, flowers, fruits, faces that are considered to be real works of art . Each pebble is unique, with its own history, individual processing, unique color, of course, and every painting is exclusive, which only gives it value. Our still life will be a wonderful gift to close relatives, friends and colleagues. An excellent present at various corporate events, since amber not only helps to express oneself, not to lose optimism, but also attracts friends and even helps to find a life partner in the properties of the stone.