Wedding couple of Iberian amber icons

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Iveron pair of icons

Christian Icon of Amber "Iverian Wedding Couple", one of the most revered in Orthodoxy. It symbolizes parental consent to the future union of children who are ready to become a new family. It is an obligatory attribute in the rite of parental blessing, which is performed by the mother and father of the newlyweds before they go under the crown. It is a centuries-old tradition that honors holy days and sows the future family with blessing and grace.
The icon of the Mother of God serves to bless the bride, and the icon of the Savior - bless the groom. Faces of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus and the blessing people of Jesus Christ with the open Gospel are artfully written in natural amber in accordance with the original and framed in a framed frame.

To give Iberian icons from amber

Picture of amber "Wedding couple Iverskaya" Icon - an unforgettable gift to the newlyweds, who will for decades recall the mystery of their wedding, quivering excitement, warm and tender feelings. Radiant heat and sunlight amber, which is considered from the ages of the stone of happiness - it will lead a young family along the right path, protecting from misunderstanding, mistrust, illness, hardship and hardship. Fill their life with joy, love and endless happiness.
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