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Lamp from amber Melin

Lamp from amber Melin

Amber stained-glass lamp handmade using the technique of "Tiffany" and artistic metal casting. The b...
12,800.0 грн

Amber, from stone to product

At all times, amber was called a "good" stone, a stone preserving, possessing incredible power. And in fact: who among us, hearing the word "amber", does not represent a small warm piece of the sun? The history of the fossil goes back to the depths - a million years ago. By and large, amber is a piece of resin that has frozen for many centuries and personified nature itself.
Among the advantages of this organic mineral are:
- its organic origin;
- a wide range of colors (from bright yellow to black, from green to red);
- compliance in processing;
- durability.
An interesting fact: the more amber inclusions (drops, streaks, stalactites) in amber, the more it is appreciated.
The most expensive kind of amber is considered inclusive. And all because it contains particles of ancient flora and fauna that fell into the resin many millions of years ago and have been preserved in it until today. Basically, inclusion is not used to make jewelry or products. Such a mineral often becomes the property of collectors. Nowadays, amber products are widely represented not only in the form of jewelry (beads, earrings, amulets, necklaces, etc.), but also as decor objects - icons, paintings, portraits and even lamps.
Amber for decorations and decor objects use both processed and unpolished - it is good in any form. Of particular value is the latter, as very often there are a few rough specimens with frozen inland grass, flies, needles, etc., which gives the jewelry a special charm. It is worth noting that the products of amber are not unique to their appearance, but also useful for the human body properties. For example, everyone knows the fact that wearing amber beads well affects the thyroid gland.

Products from amber in the online store Ukryantar

Especially popular today are not only earrings, beads, amber rings and amulets, but also decorative items that are in a wide range presented in our store.
So, in the store "Ukrjantar" you will find the following products from amber:
- paintings from amber of various subjects (coats of arms and symbols, animals, sea, still lifes, landscapes, author's panels);
- icons;
- Portraits to order;
- gifts for the wedding and magnets;
- lamps.
Work on products made of amber requires the master of perseverance, imagination and great efforts. This is truly a jeweler's work, which turns an ordinary picture into a masterpiece.

Where to buy and how to care for products made of amber

All amber products, which are presented in our store, are made by real masters of their craft, and therefore will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends.
To make a product of amber not spoiled, you should know several important rules for handling it:
- Do not keep products from amber near to heating devices. Another enemy of such products is the sun's rays;
- sudden temperature changes can also adversely affect amber;
- amber - very sensitive to mechanical damage and deformation, so handle these products carefully and carefully; Do not let them fall;
- Do not touch the amber with dirty hands. Especially this gem does not like a variety of fats;
- Clean amber articles regularly from dust. To do this, simply wipe the product with a soft dry cloth;
- If, due to circumstances, it happened that your painting or the icon of amber is heavily polluted, then use special means for its purification. It can be a solution of ammonia and water or just a little salted water. Soap solution for these purposes do not use - from it on the product may remain white coating. Amber is a natural mineral, which, like all organic minerals, may darken over time. But there is nothing to worry about, believe me. In order to restore the former shine to the amber products, you can use the same salted water, which is easy enough to wipe the thing, after - wipe it dry and leave for a while in the fresh air. The final step is to wipe the product with a wool rag. Glittering products made of amber can also be returned with a mixture of tooth powder and paraffin. On a piece of soft cloth rub paraffin, add to it tooth powder and rub the ingredients. After that - we polish a thing and wipe away what was left as a soft napkin. The shop "Ukryantar" is distinguished by democratic prices for all products and quality guarantee. In addition, our specialists will consult you on any questions. Products made of amber were timeless and remain so, for it is not for nothing that amber deserved the name of eternal stone. Buying such a gift, you will provide yourself or your loved ones with peace, comfort and well-being.