Guardian Angel Michael from amber

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Archangel Michael is one of the most revered images in the Orthodox religion. He is considered the main warrior in the battle between good and evil. According to church legends, it was the Archangel Michael who defeated Satan. Usually depicted in the guise of a warrior, he is considered the main protector of the faith. Memorial Day is celebrated on November 21, on this day all Orthodox people go to church and say a prayer.


You can buy an icon of the Archangel Michael from amber both online and in our Ukryantar store. On the image, the Guardian Angel Michael is depicted in the guise of a warrior with a shield, which symbolizes protection from evil forces, which is usually asked from the archangel. The face is completely traced with amber chips, while the halo is decorated with amber stones. The background of the icon is painted with amber sand along with large pieces of amber. The shield, as one of the main attributes of the icon, is also lined with amber. The canvas is decorated with a wide golden baguette, which emphasizes the power and light of the icon. In our online store there is a large selection of amber icons at the manufacturer's price.
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