Icon Saint Helena of amber

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Icon of Helen from amber

The nominal icon of amber "Holy Equal of the Apostles Queen Elena" - a luxurious personal gift for women, girls, girls - women of this name. Also, the amber picture of handmade work with the image of Helen, is suitable as a valuable souvenir for everyone who was born on March 6 and May 21 - according to the new calendar or March 19 and June 3 - according to the old chronology.
The noble and beautiful icon "Saint Helena of Constantinople" is painted by hand with natural amber with the use of special techniques that give the image a volume, making it spiritual and alive. Each of its elements is expertly detailed and executed at a high professional level. It is filled with the calming heat and inner light of the sun stone, with healing and miraculous properties.

Who to buy the icon of Elena

Hand-written Icon of natural amber "Holy Queen Helen" - a welcome gift for everyone to any event. It can be presented to a significant date by relatives, beloved, friend, colleague, boss, business partner. With her presence, she will decorate not only their daily life, but also fill with their splendor and wisdom the inner spiritual world. Hearing your prayers will come to the rescue. Will get rid of all sorts of attacks, malice and slander. Heal the body, mind and soul. He will patronize you everywhere, inspiring and guiding the righteous.
In detail to get acquainted with the author's product, choose and order the amber canon icon in the frame frame "Elena" for the original gift - we recommend on ukryantar.com, where always comfortable service and pleasant prices + delivery of goods by mail to any region of Ukraine.

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