Picture "Vase with daisies" of amber

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Picture with amber daisies

A bright and fascinating, beautiful still-life from natural amber "Romashki" in a decorative frame - an amazing gift for and without reason. Ideal for memorable congratulations to adults and children with any important event in their life. It carries a solid positive and powerful charge for a good mood. Perfectly suited and sincere present to dear people, and a beautiful corporate gift for VIP persons. Since chamomile is considered to be a symbol of family and fidelity, the valuable amber panel "A bouquet of camomiles in a vase" of hand-made work is a great idea for a wedding gift to the bride and groom, as well as a great opportunity to congratulate with wonderful celebration of any family celebration of the married couple. It will be an unforgettable gift for March 8, Graduation, Lovers' Day, Jubilee. Pleases with its natural beauty, bringing in the atmosphere of the premises the warmth and sunshine of a summer day.
"Daisies field in a vase" Amber handmade painting is a high-quality souvenir from natural amber made by a high-level professional. It is a real work of art. Masterfully painted by the author of natural amber in the relief technique, giving any image a volume and extraordinary expressiveness. Allows to fully transfer the entire naturalness of the flower, emphasizing its modesty and romance. Creates a special amber arrangement for the bouquet, woven from the deep light and semitones of semiprecious stone. Unobtrusive notes of the early trends of Impressionism, often characteristic of the technique of performing amber painting, are very organically and competently manifested in the picture of amber "Vase with Camomiles". The high artistic value of such a picture is natural, because it is made according to all traditions of style and masterfully supplemented with amber.

Who to buy the painting "Vase with daisies"

Such a canvas will complement your interior, or any work environment with enough natural light. The amber painting "Vase with Camomiles" will be a successful acquisition for personal purposes, as well as for a good gift that will be appropriate at any celebration.
To order a souvenir picture of amber "VASE WITH DOLLS" of any size in a frame frame for a gift - the online store Ukryantar.com offers its visitors at the best prices in Ukraine. We work 24 hours a day online. Offering the best gifts from amber for everyone, for every taste and with delivery by mail.

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