Icon Faith Hope Love from amber

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Faith Hope Love and their mother Sophia from amber

To congratulate from the heart, with meaning and participation in the fate of people who are dear to your heart, an exclusive Icon of amber Vera, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia will help. The author's product is characterized by impeccable execution and filigree of manual work. All the images of the martyrs are skillfully painted with natural amber and 100% correspond to the icon - the original.
Amber icon Vera Hope Love for a valuable memorable gift to a significant event is a great congratulation and the best way to show attention and care for them. It will help everyone to create, strengthen and preserve the family. God will heal you from infertility and will grant you parental happiness. Will get rid of other female diseases and joint pain. He will protect your children and family members from illnesses, and if they exist, they will eliminate them. He cures not only from bodily, but also from mental illnesses and upheavals, preventing the penetration of sorrow and sorrow into our minds and souls.

Icon Faith Hope Love from amber

The Orthodox Icon of Amber "Faith Hope Love" is a beautiful personal souvenir for women, girls named Vera, Hope, Love, Sophia. It will protect them on the whole path of life, teaching wisdom and guiding the righteous along the way. It will become a real family relic and a rarity that will be sacredly honored by all their subsequent generation, passed down from generation to generation.
It has long been thought that the reading of prayers before the icon of the great martyrs of the Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia allows you to find happiness in your personal life, cures the majority of illnesses in the female part, in particular, infertility, and helps restore mental equilibrium after a heavy loss. Holy martyrs will help you if you suffer from joint problems.
The icon of amber "Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia" performed in the style of amber painting, will be an excellent amulet for your family hearth, health and well-being. Also, this is an excellent gift for your closest friends and relatives, which you very much cherish.
Buy a personal present to the family and friends Picture of amber in the frame frame "Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia" at a reasonable price - offers a specialized online store ukryantar.com. We work with delivery in Ukraine and 24 hours a day.

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