Gifts made of amber

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God with us and Ukraine

God with us and Ukraine

There is no better gift for the true patriot of Ukraine than the emblem of our beautiful country, ma...
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Map of Ukraine

Map of Ukraine

Map of Ukraine in amber, made by hand by our artists, will be a great decoration for any room, from ...
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Amber as an exquisite gift

Amber is an unusually beautiful stone, from which it is impossible to tear off an admiring glance. It can be called differently: the sun stone, the "tears of the sun", in any case, its value becomes only greater. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a gift more refined and noble than made from amber.
A gift that we make to a person close to us or just a work associate, we express ourselves, the attitude towards the one we give, how much he is dear to us. A gift made of amber is good because anyone will like it, because it is memorable and looks beautiful and expensive. In addition, this is a manual work, in which the master invests his knowledge, strength, time and, in the literal sense, the soul. Choosing such a present, you can be sure that you are doing the right and original.
What can I buy as a gift from amber? It can be exquisite figures from solid stone, or simply decorated with amber crumbs. Also, as a stunning gift can serve as a lamp from amber, which is also useful.
Involuntarily wonder what to give a girl? Or, mother, sister, niece? Amber jewelry is just what it takes to make them happy. And, from the solar stone is done, all that is possible: earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, beads. Any of these things will allow you to emphasize the gift of this particular woman in your life. After all, amber is an expensive piece, and is given most often to those who are important in life, and whom you want to please.
That only there are pictures from amber, or, decorated with pieces of amber! Presenting a picture from amber to someone is a good present, but if, besides, the "tears of the sun" shine on the surface, then it will be doubly beautiful, everyone will be pleased. In any case, no one will remain indifferent, because amber attracts attention and causes admiration.
If you want to please a guy, then at your service cuff links with amber, or clamps.
In general, today there are a lot of different things that can become delicious gifts. Trees with amber, handles decorated with a sunny stone, statuettes with these gems. A gift with amber will decorate any house, office, even the most simple and inconspicuous room will be transformed if it contains such an exquisite and expensive thing that attracts a noble look. Give a close amber miracle!

Gifts of amber for men and women

In our time, gifts of amber is one of the most unusual, and most importantly beautiful things that can only be present in almost any occasion. Amber - an incredibly beautiful stone that has become an ideal material for a variety of jewelry. He has always enjoyed great popularity, but is particularly relevant and in demand was the only not long ago. Gifts of amber every day to conquer his appearance, his brilliance and hundreds of thousands of kolektsionera and just connoisseurs around the world, and it does not depend on gender. In our online store you can buy gifts of amber men and gifts from amber to women. A strong half of humanity with great pleasure buy souvenirs, as well as representatives of the fair sex. In our store you can find a huge range of different amber products: sophisticated and elegant for women, stylish and unusual for men.
If you want to buy a souvenir for the New Year, a birthday or a professional holiday, the jewelry is definitely a good choice. What girl refuses portrait of amber, made by masters of the business of not only colorful, but also a unique material. And men will certainly appreciate the universal table lamp that can decorate a home environment and office cabinet. But always give the best gifts for no reason! Why not to please her husband, a brother or a friend of a sudden a little gem surprise? In this case, one would be ideal magnet. And for the wives, sisters or mothers can buy a magnet, but the image of her favorite flowers. It is also practical and interesting option - a small icon, made by hand. All of these surprises will be pleasant things that will warm the soul close for many years, but did not affect your budget.

Where to buy gifts of amber

Tired of wasting time and money on a long and fruitless shopping trips? Come to our online store -, select the desired item from the catalog and the application for an order in minutes. In our store in the city of Rivne and Kyiv huge range of delicious gift products from the sun stone, most importantly do not get confused with the choice of pictures, icons, pens, lamps, figurines, magnets, rings, key chains and more. Only here you can choose a product for themselves or their loved ones at the lowest price. Moreover, here you can buy gifts of amber and pay by any way convenient for you, starting with electronic purses and ending cash