Каталог картин из янтаря

Catalog of pictures online store Ukryantar

Art is definitely an integral part of the entire historical and cultural heritage of mankind. More from prehistoric, primitive times our distant grandparent painted on the walls of caves in your life at simple lines, mostly depicting animals. It is believed that the cave paintings carried the implication of some sacred blessing of primitive man to the various successes such luck in hunting. As noted by some critics, the magic of fine art runs the leitmotif of all the ages of this type of work, filling the canvas mystical and deep meaning and bringing into your home is not only a decorative accessory, but also a piece of world heritage. In addition, the canvas - it is also a practical decoration of every room, which does not take place, leaving a space more functional and enlivens any interior. Nowadays it is very popular fabric made of precious and semi-precious stones, in particular, are highly valued picture from amber.
We present to you the catalog of pictures of amber from Ukryantar producer.

Pictures of nature amber



One of the most popular painting in our catalog of pictures is considered to be the landscape. The beauty of nature, captured in time master and skillfully performed using amber inlay, definitely fascinates anyone who has ever seen a work of art. Especially beautiful and unusual look landscapes with a clear predominance of white flowers such as sea foam image, clouds or snow beauty. For such fine work selected rare stone, which are distinguished by their exceptional translucent, light structure of their more popular "brothers".

Catalog icons from amber


Certainly, icons from amber is not just an object of decoration, but also a symbol of a special spiritual sacrament. Amber has long been considered a divine stone, heavenly tear, which underlines the depth of the entire fabric of this beautiful stone. Almost all the icons, deservedly considered miraculous and buy this amazing piece of art will present a fertile atmosphere for you and your home.

Named icons from amber




Nominal icon perfect for those who need life-guide and is actively seeking guidance from above. Perfect execution of the icon will appreciate the refined aesthetes and sacred idea will become a reliable link man with his patron saint and God. This icon will be a magnificent gift to a birthday party, showing all the sincerity and goodness of your intentions.

Catalog animals of amber




Perhaps in the world there are no people who would not love animals. It has long been our smaller brothers are the constant companions of man. Pictures made of amber with animals will be an good gift for one or another representative of the Chinese horoscope, and will serve as an nice "picture" of your pets. Of course, in our directory, you will find paintings that masterfully executed in the technique of painting amber, revive even the most boring design and will be a great gift for relatives and friends.
Of course, the master of paintings could not pass by such a majestic and sublime topics such as the perpetuation of birds. The image of the birds are always varied and can set the tone absolutely any interior. Undoubtedly, the liveliness and grace peculiar to birds, perfectly conveys inlay amber.

Catalog flowers and still lifes



Sunny amber luster, combined with the natural "living" forms and lines, inherent colors skillfully realized by our craftsmen in the beautiful paintings, like copyright and the reproduction. This uncommon and exquisite decoration for the home or workplace will definitely become a great buy for yourself or as a gift. Still life painting in the style of amber, especially reproductions of famous artists, perfectly fit in absolutely any design and give easy charm throughout the room. This is an excellent and versatile gift that would be relevant to any holiday.

Pictures made of amber hunting and fishing


Pictures made of amber on the theme of hunting and fishing are a great decoration for a country house or a living room done in warm wood tones. Do not forget that this is a great gift for fans of these types of recreation.

Pictures on the marine theme


Amber paintings on the theme of the sea have always stirred the imagination of even the most demanding aesthetes. Proper use of amber crumbs in his paintings, where the predominant blue palette that really deserves special attention and is highly regarded as a gift.

Portraits of amber, the image of women and girls


There is not a more piquant and aesthetically pleasant topics like the chanting of the beauty of the female image in art. As no better cope with the great paintings, inlaid amber. Lovely feminine curves, framed by "solar" stone accentuate the interior and add a touch of informality "spice" to it.