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For a long time, it is customary to accept nominal icons from amber as a talisman. From time immemorial, it was believed that the name of a person has tremendous mystical energy and, knowing it is possible, both to help and harm. Therefore, to protect against evil spirits and ill-wishers in ancient times, the child was given two nicknames - one was used for everyone, and the other was tied to a certain saint at the time of baptism and was known only to the closest people. Despite the fact that some traditions have not been preserved throughout history, people still continue to believe in amulets. In our online store you can buy a nominal icon from amber at the price of the manufacturer, with delivery to all cities of Ukraine. The choice of this kind of protection should be approached especially carefully, given directly the nickname, date of birth, or even the profession.

Where to buy nominal icon

It has long been believed that icons with saint inlaid with amber have mystical protective properties. Faces of saints, transmitted with the help of such a magic stone as amber, will be an excellent talisman for the house, as well as decoration of the existing iconostasis. Significant icons from amber are of great value, due to the fact that they personify an individual connection with the Almighty and their holy patron, support their possessor spiritually and protect them from evil eye and damage. Let’s take a closer look at the above points:
• Why is the nickname given at baptism important?
 Since ancient times, the name of a person was considered a powerful esoteric tool that can be used both for good and for harm. Therefore, even the Romans gave a double name to their children: one - which was accessible to the general public, and the other - for a more personal and close circle of people. This was due to the fact that many conscious parents of that time took care that no one jinxed their precious child. Nowadays, this tradition is often not respected, however, it is still worthwhile to find out if you have a second given to you at baptism. This will help you correctly buy a patronizing icon.
• What will your chosen profession say about your heavenly saint?
Many canonized saints also protect representatives of different professions, for example, the icon with amber “Basil the Great”, personifies the craving for knowledge, and will become an excellent guardian for teachers. Such a search for the saint will be an excellent solution if you have a rare nickname that does not occur among the canonized great martyrs. You will be able to gain the face of the Guardian Angel, regardless of what your name is, without losing contact with God. We offer beautiful nominal icons of all saints from amber, with the option of pickup in Rivne, Kiev.

The price of nominal icons from amber

In the modern world, it is not so easy to buy a name icon with saint from amber, new names often appear to replace the old ones and there is not always a corresponding saint. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the rule of similarity, for example, for Victoria, Saint Nick will be the patroness, etc.
In turn, the online store "" which is located in the city of Rivne and Kiev, brings to your buy a huge number of options for registered women and men, as well as other amber icons at affordable prices. But first of all, it is worth determining who needs to give this image. If babies are on the day of baptism, then his heavenly patron is a saint, with whom he either coincides with his birthday, or is determined in accordance with the name of the child and the saint. Then the image of the intercessor will be filled with healing properties, energy that will lead the child through life, turning to the right path. Such a gift would be especially appropriate for godfathers who were honored to be responsible for the spiritual education of their godson.